Version history

2024-01-11 version 11.0.53

  • Minor updates.

2022-07-23 version 10.0.51

  • Minor updates.

2021-02-21 version 10.0.50

  • Improved security for specific installation scenarios.

2020-11-23 version 9.0.42

  • Control visibility of entries in Apps & Features (Add or Remove Programs). Works for both the MSI and the wrapped installer.
  • Set the MSI package platform to either x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit).

2020-04-23 version 9.0.35

  • Fix for user context when running per user installations without logged-in users.

2020-01-03 version 9.0.34

  • Support for SHA512 and fix for SHA1 license keys.
  • Minor bug fixes.

2019-04-10 version 9.0.30

  • Installation is now canceled if before/after actions return a non-zero exit code.
  • Control MSI file properties from XML configuration files.
  •  All features are now available in the unregistered version.
  • The unregistered version adds a registration note to the installed program name.
  • Version check in GUI was added.
  •  Output setting in config files is now relative to the location of the config file instead of the current directory.

2018-08-14 version 8.0.26

  • FIPS compliant license check. Users with FIPS enabled could not enter the professional license key.

2018-07-10 version 8.0.25

  • Minor changes in the user interface.

2018-05-16 version 8.0.24

  • New [FilesDir] macro that expands to the folder location where the executable is extracted and run.
  • Fix for [SourceDir] macro. It was not initialized correctly in some configurations.
  • The current directory for the executable installer is now the location of the executable if the “include files” feature is used.

2018-02-16 version 8.0.21

  • Usability improvements.

2018-02-14 version 8.0.20

  • Include other files than the executable itself.
  • Run commands before and after the wrapped installer runs.

2017-01-16 version 7.1.12

  • Support for empty manufacturer setting.
  • Improved error messages when patching the MSI.

2016-08-03 version 7.1.11

  • Fix for encoding of quotes.

2016-01-24 version 7.1.9

  • Reads the license from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE if it is not found under HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

2015-11-07 version 7.0.8

  • New feature to map exit codes and signal a pending restart.
  • New MSI SQL tool to manipulate MSI database tables from the command line.

2015-07-27 version 6.0.96

  • Use comment setting in file properties.
  • Minor improvements.

2015-06-01 version 6.0.92

  • Fixed registration of DLL to work for all users.
  • Setup now installs MSI Wrapper for all users.
  • Supports setting a specific Product ID instead of an auto-generated one.

2014-12-17 version 6.0.91

  • New: Auto detect if the wrapped setup is installed per user or per machine.
  • New: Option to force elevation of wrapped installer and uninstaller.
  • Fix: User Interface Level (UILevel) is now used during uninstall.

2014-08-01 version 5.1.89

  • New fix for the temporary file problem with icons.

2014-07-26 version 5.1.88

  • Fixes temporary file problem with icons.

2014-06-23 version

  • New: Test MSI in elevated mode.
  • New: Icon export feature.
  • New: Save setup icon in the configuration file.

2014-06-17 version

  • Shows the wrapped setup and uninstaller on top of the Windows Installer progress bar.
  • Control if the MSI requires permission elevation.
  • Fixes error 740 caused by elevation problems.
  • Support for uninstalling multiple wrapped applications in uninstall process.
  • Discontinued the use of a proxy process.

2014-03-05 version

  • Support for impersonation. The wrapped installer can now run in the security context of the logged-in user instead of the Windows Installer service.

2013-10-24 version

  • Fixed problem where MSI worked with the manual install but hanged or froze with GPO.
  • New feature: Environment variable substitution in configuration values when running MsiWrapperBatch.exe.

2013-10-03 version

  • Fixed problem with Windows XP support.
  • Uninstall will only try to run elevated on operating systems starting with Windows Vista.
  • Support for multiple valid exit codes from the wrapped executable. Previously, only exit code zero was considered a success.

2013-09-04 version

  • Better support for converting WISE installers to MSI.
  • Forces UAC elevation when running uninstall scripts.

2013-05-14 version

  • New: MSI custom actions transferred from VB Script to a native Win32 DLL. This will make MSI packages install on systems that have problems with the scripting engine.

2013-04-18 version

  • New: Advanced Arguments added. Now you can control command line arguments for the wrapped setup based on the MSI user interface level.

2013-04-10 version

  • Command line macros [SourceDir] and [OriginalDatabase] were introduced.

2013-03-20 version

  • Support for wrapping setups without entries in the Add / Remove programs.
  • Extended wait period when wrapped installers are finishing.
  • Uses SystemComponent instead of wrapped_uninstallstring entry in the registry.

2013-03-11 version

  • Fix that allows you to run the MSI file multiple times.
  • Does not show system components in the list of application ids.

2012-12-15 version

  • Allows license registration without administrative privileges.

2012-11-27 version

  • Removed WiX dependency.
  • Major performance improvement.

2012-11-16 version

  • Minor fixes.

2012-09-21 version

  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Support for Windows Server 2012.
  • Improvements in upgrading functionality.