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Convert EXE to MSI

Welcome to We specialize in converting executable setup programs to MSI packages.
System administrators often prefer MSI over a normal setup.exe. MSI packages are better suited for software distribution through Active Directory group policies.
The target audience for this website is:

  • Software developers who have a setup.exe and want to offer an MSI that wraps their original setup.exe.
  • System administrators with a setup.exe they want to distribute as an MSI to client computers in their organization.

Our MSI Wrapper is the tool that makes it easy to convert an executable setup program to an MSI package.



We were looking for a MSI wrapper that would meet top restrictive enterprise requirements for a large customer:

  1. The MSI package will report completion only when the internal setup exe installation process truly completes.
  2. The MSI package will return error codes returned by the internal setup exe file.
  3. Works on XP and above, 32bit and 64bit architectures.
Using MSI packagers (that re-create native MSI setup kit) was not an option (due to very complex installation scripts we have), so we had to test all the MSI wrapper tools we could put our hands on. We tested a few MSI wrappers, and the only MSI wrapper that met those requirements was MSI Wrapper from EXEMSI, and by that it saved us from working a few months re-writing the whole installation script with a new setup builder tool that creates native MSI files, not to mention the cost of the other setup builder tool.

Oren Keinan, VP of R&D, Kryon Systems

Our software uses a rather complex setup routine that cannot be easily converted into a native MSI package. Since many of our customers have the requirement to automatically deploy our software through Windows GPO (Group Policy Object), the solution for that problem was the MSI Wrapper from EXEMSI.

Before we have made the decision for EXEMSI, we have tested several packager solutions that all did not work as expected, so it was clear to us that we need a wrapper-based solution that preserves our original setup routine. The MSI Wrapper from EXEMSI is doing exactly what we were looking for. It took us just a few minutes to understand how MSI Wrapper works and how to configure it. The batch function integrates very well with our build-scripts to automatically generate MSI packages based on our EXE installers.

Finally, kudos to EXEMSI’s support team. We sent a request for an enhancement and just two days later we already got a download link with that enhancement integrated.

Helmut Vogler, CEO, ActFax Communication


Getting started

The getting started guide will walk you through an example where the Firefox setup executable is wrapped in an MSI package. The resulting MSI can be used to install Firefox via group policies under active directory.

Command Line Arguments

This tool supports passing parameters to the embedded setup executable when launching the MSI package. You can use the Windows Installer tool msiexec.exe to control the installation of an MSI package. The msiexec.exe tool supports a long list of parameters. These parameters can make the MSI package install in silent mode where no user input is required. They can also control if you want to install or uninstall the package. Read more