Let me know if you are stuck!

Creating, testing, and debugging MSI packages can be a complex matter. Even though I have worked with the technology quite a lot, I am in no way an expert on the matter. However, I am willing to offer my help and maybe we can figure out what the problem is if we help each other.

In case you are stuck, you should start out by reading the documentation on Troubleshooting. If that does not help you, the next step will be to collect some information for me. You can use the contact form to start an email correspondence with me. 

Here is what I need to help

Please help me help you by collecting as much information about the problem as possible. Here are some examples:

  • Description of the problem.
  • Screenshots of the problem.
  • Your configuration file for the MSI Wrapper.
  • Your MSI package.
  • The installer you are trying to wrap.
  • A log file from the installation.
  • Command line used to build the MSI if you are running the MSI Wrapper from a command line or build script.

Luckily most users of the MSI Wrapper are tech-savvy, which helps a lot when it comes to locating the problems. I also want to point out that some executable installers simply are not suitable for wrapping.

    If you want to add multiple files please send in zip format