Frequently Asked Questions

License Questions

Please see the ordering page for the licensing FAQ.

Technical Questions

Why do I have an instance of msiexec.exe in my task manager after installation?
The Windows Installer is a service. Before the first installation is started, you may not see msiexec.exe in your list of tasks in Tasks Manager. During installation, you will typically see multiple instances of msiexec.exe in the task list. Some of them are running in the context of the user who started the installation. Others are running as the SYSTEM user.

After the installation has ended, you normally see an instance of msiexec.exe owned by the SYSTEM user. This will most likely stay there until your machine is rebooted. This is normal behavior.

Can my MSI install silently if my wrapped setup cannot?
No. Your wrapped setup must support silent installation if the resulting MSI should be able to install without user interaction.

Ordering Questions

How do I order if my organization is Tax Exempt?
Tax exemption is supported by the ordering process but it requires a few extra steps. Our orders are processed by the reseller FastSpring. Please read this link on how to place the order: 

Reseller Questions

Do you have a reseller program?
Yes. Please contact us for more information if you plan to resell our products.