Reseller Information

MSI Wrapper resellers have to use the reseller ordering form.

We welcome new resellers who plan to sell the MSI Wrapper to their customers. There is no paper work involved in becoming a reseller. Please write us using the contact form and let us know how you see a potential for this product in your sales channel.

Reseller FAQ

These are some of the questions that resellers often ask.


Q: Is the license per user or device?
A: One license can be installed on one machine. This can be a normal workstation. It can also be a build server or Terminal Server.

Q: Is the license perpetual/lifetime or a subscription?
A: The license is perpetual. It does not expire.

Q: Are upgrades free?
A: Some upgrades are free and others require has an upgrade fee.

Q: Is there any mandatory maintenance payments?
A: There is no maintenance.

System Requirements

Q: Which operating systems are supported by the Wizard?
A: Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019.

Q: Which operating systems are supported by the wrapped MSI.
A: Windows XP SP3 and newer.


Q: How is the software delivered?
A: The software itself is a download from the website and the license key is mailed when the online payment is processed.

Q: How long do I have to wait for my license?
A: It should be in your inbox in a matter of minutes after the payment.


Q: Are there any volume discounts?
A: Yes, you can buy an enterprise license that covers multiple users.

Q: What currencies do you offer?
A: There is a long list of available currencies.

Q: Is there a reseller discount?
A: Resellers get a 30% discount.

Order Processing

Q: What are the payment terms?
A: The credit card payment is processed when the order is placed online.

Q: What information do you need about the end-user?
A: You specify the end-user as the shipping information when you place the order online.