Professional Version

The professional version targets the professional users who can afford to invest in commercial software.

Professional Features

  • The free version of the program adds a comment to the product name installed in the Add/Remove programs list. This comment will not be shown when using the professional version.
  • Command line control of the build process.
    It is possible to launch the program with a set of command line parameters that specifies which configuration file to use. This will make it easier to integrate the tool in an automatic build process.
  • Pass through parameters from the msiexec command line to the embedded setup program.
  • Command line arguments for the wrapped setup can contain macros such as [SourceDir], [FilesDir] and [OriginalDatabase]. These macros will be substituted at runtime with the folder where the MSI package resides and the full path of the executing MSI package.
  • Specify the input executable using regular expressions to match a file in a folder with multiple files.
  • Specify the output MSI file name using regular replace expressions based on the input executable.

Please use contact form if you have features or suggestions for the professional version of the product.

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